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Upcoming Webinar “How to Use A3 Thinking in Everyday Life”

a3 board.PNG

I’m pleased to announce that on February 8, 2018, I will be presenting a webinar with Kainexus, a company that has developed a software solution to help engage the workforce in ongoing continuous improvement efforts. I have been a long-time listener to the Kainexus podcast, and it’s truly an honor to be presenting this webinar.

The topic is “How to Use A3 Thinking in Every Day Life”. The purpose is twofold:

  1. To show that A3’s are not a complicated tool, and are accessible to everyone
  2. To demonstrate how to use the power of A3 thinking in a real-life problem.

You can read more and listen to the promo for the webinar here.

Registration is still open – sign up here.

See Mark Graban’s Lean Blog post about the webinar

Kainexus Blog post about the webinar


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