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“Lean Leadership Lessons from Toyota and Beyond” – Podcast Episode


Recently, I was honored to be a guest on a podcast for Mark Graban’s Lean Blog. Mark’s work as a speaker, author, and consultant has had a significant impact on my continuous learning about continuous improvement. During the early days after I left Toyota, I found that there were gaps in my knowledge of how to foster a culture of continuous improvement at other companies, and listening to wisdom of the many guests on the Lean Blog podcast was a tremendous help to me. My hope is that some of the experiences and lessons learned that I share in this podcast can be of use to others.

Some of the topics covered on the podcast:

  • How I transitioned from focusing on my own accomplishments to a more collaborative approach of engaging others
  • Some of my core beliefs on lean and continuous improvement
  • What it it was like to apply what I had learned at Toyota to another company
  • The transformation experience I had of helping a struggling facility that was in danger of closing (blog post here)
  • Leveraging the power of employee ideas and the impact it can have
  • The shortcomings of project-based approach focused primarily on cost savings
  • Why lean is more of a ‘safari’ than a ‘journey’

Please feel free to share any feedback and/or comments.

Link to podcast

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