Leadership, Personal Continuous Improvement

Lessons Learned as a New Continuous Improvement Manager

It has been a little over a year since I took the role as Master Black Belt (essentially a continuous improvement manager) for a division in my company. In this function, I am responsible for setting the strategy for Performance Excellence in our division and ensuring successful execution and results. I lead a small team… Continue reading Lessons Learned as a New Continuous Improvement Manager

Hoshin Kanri, Personal Continuous Improvement, Strategy

Improving My Personal ‘Hoshin’ Strategy

Many of us have been there. As the end of one year draws to a close, we begin thinking about what we want to accomplish the following year. We might reflect on what we accomplished in the past year, perhaps even chastising ourselves for not achieving some of the goals we set at the beginning… Continue reading Improving My Personal ‘Hoshin’ Strategy

Personal Continuous Improvement

A Simple Personal ‘Kanban’ System

'Kanban' is a visual system for work management. While kanban has its roots in the Toyota Production System, it is used in a variety of applications from replenishing supplies on an assembly line to the agile approach to software development. I enjoy experimenting with applying tools from the continuous improvement world to my personal life,… Continue reading A Simple Personal ‘Kanban’ System

Hoshin Kanri, Personal Continuous Improvement

New Year’s Resolutions – Hoshin Kanri Style

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar with KaiNexus on the topic of Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment and how to apply this concept toward achieving personal goals. In the  webinar (link here), you will learn: Grasp the basic concepts of the Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment process Contrast the Hoshin Kanri approach with other strategy… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions – Hoshin Kanri Style