About workshops and projects:

“Jess has a way she facilitates these that make [team projects] interesting and fun. The best part is she keeps the team on point and is very thorough and detail oriented in her delivery of the assignments. Jess has been instrumental in my vision on continuous improvement.” –Project team member

“The training Jess gave provided information that was presented in such an engaging and easy to understand format. The material was broken down in a manner that made it easy to apply no matter your role or organization.”  -Training participant

“This was a very informative and worthwhile workshop and process with a high level of organization and productivity. I felt the time was well spent.” -Workshop participant

“Jess’ research and preparation was apparent throughout this process. The templates and overall format of the workshop contributed to productive conversations. I felt like we accomplished more than expected!” -Workshop participant

“What I liked about this experience is that all participants gave feedback and took ownership of the procedure manual we created together. Thanks for helping us work toward our goal!” –Project sponsor

“Jess is a terrific group facilitator. We are on our way to an excellent operations manual. She is the best.” -Executive director, non-profit organization

About Jess (founder and lead facilitator):

“Jess has the ability to pull the best out of the groups she serves, enabling them to walk beyond their present boundaries, expanding their visions of service, enabling their future growth both as a team and as an individual.” -Colleague

“Jess Orr is one of the most passionate leaders in lean and continuous improvement that I have had the pleasure to work with. She understands the connection between systems, people, and tactical tools AND how to create the strategy necessary for executing the change necessary for a lean operating system.” -Colleague

“Jess is immensely talented in that she combines highly acute abilities in developing people, data, and analytics so that bottom line results exceed challenging goals. As a result of her deep care and passion, many of those who have collaborated with her on several levels have been inspired to reach within themselves to harness one’s abilities to drive meaningful results for the entire team at large. Jess has an incredible respect for people and that is ultimately why I believe she is able to be extremely effective in her continuous improvement projects for sustaining positive cultural transformations.” -Colleague